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Aria rug Company with Farahnaz Heidari management, and also having 42 years of experience in weaving, repairing, cleaning, and sales of all oriental rugs have gained its reputation by offering true and honest services to its valuable customers. Our customers have enjoyed our services in sales and cleaning departments for so many years due to the unique achievement of professionals who are trained to concentrate on customer satisfaction.

 Our major activity is focused on sales of rugs in various designs, sizes, and colors especially hand-knotted rugs. We have plenty of gorgeous rugs in different patterns and designs divided into two weaving categories. The first category is Hand-knotted rugs made of 100% natural wool, in which the colors are generated by vegetable and/ or industrial dyes and the second category is machine-made rugs with artificial wool and dyes.

We make sure that you can find and have any type of rug that suits your taste and daily life needs in our products, having best designs and artistic styles. Our major activity is focused on selling best quality and designs of oriental rugs which can beautify floorings, walls and interior design of houses and apartments. We provide and have plenty gorgeous rugs in different patterns and designs divided into two sections of vegetable dyes for hand-knotted which have natural materials such as silk, wool and etc. and synthetics materials for machine-made rugs with high level elegancy.

We do also provide precise and professional cleaning and repairing any kind of hand-knotted or machine-made rugs without causing any damage to its initial color, design and deep woven pails. All probable stains will be easily removed from your rugs with no color change guarantee by experts in the cleaning department in our chess wood company. Our professional cleaning experts assure that you would be pleased by our precise service and you can have your rug as clean as it was at the first day you bought it. Repairing of hand-made rugs generally needs more attention and hard work which will be done by our professional repairmen, having high experience and have been trained specifically for this job.

Our servicing department comprises the cleaning and repairing of hand-made and machine-made rugs in the highest mode of perfection. The smooth way of handwashing rugs prevents any damage to their initial color and pattern especially older and antique rugs. All the probable stains will be removed from the rugs with the guarantee of no color change. Our experts in the cleaning department in Chess wood Dr. have demonstrated their highest skill and knowledge in rug services for many years. In the same department, a considerable big area is allocated for rug repairing. Repairing of handmade rugs needs generally more attention and expertise in all aspects. This will be done by our professional repairmen who have been trained for this job only.
Rugs are made from luxurious materials with their beautiful coloring; they bring life, warmth, and beauty in our houses added by their designs which make them admirable and exquisite pieces of fine art. They need to be taken care of regularly and attention in order to keep their look more gorgeous for a long period. Good treatment of a rug with equalization of texture and pile will change your rug into an antique masterpiece.

We also help and consult our respected costumers in choosing the best rug for their needs. Feel free to contact us any time you need new styles of rugs or your beautiful products need to be resurrected or cleaned. It is our duty to provide best quality and services for our customers toward their solicitation and that is what we are great at.

Aria rugs cleaning is a Persian and Oriental area rug cleaning Services Company in Toronto and Cobourg. We provide rug cleaning in Northumberland county, Port hope, Grafton,Colborne, Brighton, Trenton, baltimore, hampton, Wesleyville, port Granby, carlington, newcastle, bowmanville, oshawa, whitby, ajax, peterborough and Belleville.