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Buying Durable Rugs or Carpets for your House

Persian and Oriental Rugs offer attractive additions to traditional and modern interior designs with their powerful artistry, excellent craft, and historical value. However, when buying durable rugs or carpets for the home, choosing the perfect interior design can be challenging. This daunting task will be so much easier with some practical Persian rugs buying tips. Experts have come up with some tips to save customers from the hassle, and they make sure that buyers will get the most value out of their budget. This article will show how to examine carpets closely and buy the perfect materials for the house. Authentic Oriental and Persian rugs are a valuable investment and will add sophistication and style to a home or office interior.

What are Persian and Oriental Rugs

Anyone can tell Persian and oriental rugs come from eastern regions of the world from the name itself. Most of the famous countries in durable rugs or carpets production are located in Middle East, Far East, and South Asia. These rug weaving countries include Iran (Persia), Pakistan, Turkey, China, India, etc. that possess centuries of proud weaving history. Thus, oriental carpets coming from these areas are regarded as works of art around the world. Professional rug weavers create their artistic products with hand-weaving or hand-knotting methods. These floor and wall covering materials are made from various natural substances such as wool fibers and feature raised piles. The patterns, motifs and design of each piece vary depending on the region where the carpet was made. However, buying durable rugs or carpets requires more professional knowledge, which we provided below.

Tips for Buying Durable Rugs or Carpets

Experts and customers with more knowledge about Persian rugs obviously have a higher chance of making a better purchase decision for their interior designs. By reading through different informative articles about high quality hand-knotted Persian rugs, customers will more likely have confidence about starting their quest to search for the suitable rug for their taste and space. Followings are the essential things to consider when buying durable rugs or carpets.

Factors Making a Persian Rug Expensive

Authentic hand-knotted rugs are almost always expensive products. Five essential factors are influencing the cost of the Oriental Carpets or Rugs. These factors include age, knot density (knot-count), weaving technique, fiber or materials used in their structure. It is crucial to be aware of these variables before buying a rug for the home.

  • Rugs Age: Vintage carpets often cost more than new pieces. A rug made centuries ago possess a tremendous cultural and historical value that does not exist in the current mass-produced carpets. The most expensive Persian rugs may cost millions of dollars which are rare and can only be found in auctions for collectors.
  • Knot Density: The knot-count or knot density reveals the strength and durability of a carpet. Each country has its standard rug knot count. Most of these products are evaluated with a ratio, and it is good to have in mind that high-quality rugs have a 16/18 ratio while average ones have 12/12. Most of the fine Persian rugs feature 400 knots, and some of them have a 50 to 60-knot count. Customers can test the density by pressing their fingers down to the base of the pile, and in the case of high-quality products, they will notice a tightly packed characteristic.

Appreciate the Durable Rugs or Carpets Design and Style

Always look for durable rugs or carpets that match the interior design perfectly. Never purchase these artistic coverings just because of needs. Go for the rug designs that will create a lovable area for the house as it is considered an investment and costs considerable money. They will serve the household for a long time; thus, it is crucial to fall in love with the product even before there is a chance for buying it.

Choosing a Reliable Source for Buying Persian Carpet

Considering the expensive cost of oriental and Persian carpets, customers want the best product. It is crucial to be aware of dealers that claim to sell antiques and often disappear after collecting the money from their customers. Always go for rug manufacturers that have been active in the market for many years. Visit various shops and sellers to find the most suitable carpet equivalent to the budget and design needs. It is recommended to be in touch with some experts in this industry to make the best choice and find the most reliable source when considering buying durable rugs or carpets. Additionally, most excellent rug centers allow their customers to take the product to their house and examine it to see if it suits the overall aesthetics.

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