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Decorating Interior with Standard Rug Sizes

Standard Rug sizes can amplify the aesthetics of any home’s interior. Choosing a Persian rug for decorating the room may seem simple at first glance. However, there is much more than what a human eye sees when selecting a perfect size for these beautiful products. They must fit the furniture and space perfectly. Interior designers have mastered creating an ideal decoration with Oriental rugs for decades, but they actually follow a straightforward rule that is measuring twice. One of the issues that designers always warn their customers is utilizing area rugs too small for the room. They believe that these products unify elements that pull a room together and should anchor the furniture ideally.

Sometimes buying a suitable Persian rug in an ideal size can have complexities. Going custom is not always an elective due to the higher price. Thus, if the product favors the customer’s taste does not have the correct scale, they should try layering while being careful from overloading textures. For most rooms, the primary rules are simple which are:

  • Leaving at least 15 centimeters between the end of a Persian rug and the walls or even counters in the case of the kitchen is essential.
  • Always place all furniture legs off the authentic carpet, which is a valuable piece of art in busy thoroughfares such as hallways and entryways.
  • Customers should let the area and space dictate their choice of products size.

However, these rules are not compatible for areas such as the bedroom, the living room, and the dining room. For these specific areas, customers should be a little bit more careful. Thus, we break down everything that a customer will need to know when considering purchasing a Persian or Oriental rug for decorating the interior.

Standard Rug Sizes for Bedrooms

Using a hand-knotted Persian rug is a perfect alternative to carpeting in a bedroom. These products can keep the room cozy, warm and act as an acoustic element to prevent the room from echoing. By using area rugs, homeowners can gaze upon the elegant wood floor that lies beneath while still having the opportunity to layer on a soft topper through carpets. When choosing a product to decorate the bedroom, customers should follow a few primary rules. The common factor between these options is that the essential point to focus on is the bed.

The best way to utilize these rugs in the bedroom is to place the bed legs and other room’s containments on the product. In this option, occupants should leave 45 to 50 centimeters of space on the outer edges of the furniture. Typically, for bedrooms with a king or queen-sized bed, using a 2.7 by 3.5 meters Persian rug can be beneficial if there is a bench existing at the foot of the bed. In case there is not, a 2.4 by 3 meters rug will be suitable. Another alternative is to place 2/3 of the bed on the carpet. However, homeowners can opt to use runners on each side of the bed which can be a perfect choice if other oversized products do not fit the room or the room’s layout is asymmetrical.

Decorating the Dining Room with Persian Rugs

For choosing the perfect rug sizes for the dining room, there is only one rule to follow: making sure that all chairs sit perfectly on the product by ensuring that the length extends 58 centimeters beyond all sides of the existing table. This works for both circular and rectangular Persian rugs. For better confidence in choosing the perfect rug sizes for the room, it is better to add at least 1.5 meters to the length and the width of the table to achieve the ideal measurements.

Rug Sizes for Enhancing the Aesthetics of a Living Room

For enhancing the aesthetics of a living room, choosing an Oriental rug sizes features almost similar rules for the bedroom. The first way to use them efficiently is to consider buying a large rug to include the sofas and accent chairs on the product. With this layout, the carpet should extend a few centimeters past each item of appointments. The ideal size for this purpose is a 2.7 by 3.5 meters carpet. The second option is practical for rooms with smaller dimensions. In more jammed and cramped corners, occupants can opt to have only the front legs of the furniture placing on the Persian rug with the back legs on the floor. This method is perfect if a sofa is up against the wall in the room. However, customers can choose to have their small table on the product and place their seating furniture off the rug thoroughly.

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