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Aria Rug Repairing Service

Rug repair is in general an expensive process if it happened on the body of a rug. But edges and fringes which are utterly common for any kind of rug are less expensive and easier to fix. Worn and torn fringes are the most common and usual issue with a hand knotted rug.

You will find below steps of cleaning and repair procedure of the rugs:

The top and bottom sides of all hand-woven rugs end to fringes. These fringes are the most essential and main structure of a rug due to the fact that woven piles might be loosened from these two sensitive parts. Therefore in order to avoid loosening of these parts, the weaver should fortify these ends by extra double knots of two or three adjacent warps. Consider a rug with the following dimension: 5 feet wide and 8 feet in length. It means that the rug has four different edges. The two edges from the width side contain fringes (each side 5 feet fringes). An average of 700 to 800 double knots is needed to strengthen each side of this rug to prevent the gradual loosening procedure of the main colorful piles.

Looking at the right and left sides of each rug, we observe two bind edges. These edges might be loose or damaged by over timing and aging of a rug. These edges could be repaired either by removing the whole edge and then attaching an already woven long piece to it or repairing it by sewing with the exact edge color of worn-out part or parts. If we consider the same rug as the above example, the rug has two side edges of 8 feet long SHIRAZEH.

If we have to fix a rug with a hole on the surface, we ought to prepare the exact situation of warps and woofs for the existing hole on the rug. By using a repair needle we have to make a net of vertical and horizontal cotton strings. After implementing the net, we will be able to weave the hole by choosing the exact color strings according to the symmetrical and identical map on the other side of the rug itself. Once the hole is woven (one by one), the excess parts of woven piles will be removed by cutting and polishing the surface.

It is very common that occurs cracks on the backside of the rugs either by mistreating in folding the rug or by the negligence of putting a vase or plant on the rug. The moisture underneath of the plant or vase will cause an unwanted rotten area which will be ended to cracks and loosening of knots. These crack areas will be repaired by sewing with a nail and normal cotton strings throughout the damaged area in the vertical direction. A repaired cracked rug has got a vertical replacement of cotton strings like when it was ok.

As a handwoven rug is a delicate handcraft peace. The chance is very high and common that a rug gets beveled or crooked by mishandling during the weaving procedure or by probable internal tensions during transportation or demonstrating it in a showroom. In this case, the rug should be mounted on a steel or wooden structure and jerked in a reverse position by jacks or other devices.  The initial jerking power starts from 10 N/cm2 onwards. In order to bring the rug in its initial position, an expert who knows how to bring the rug in its exact position is needed. A small mistake in adjusting the rug will cause additional damage to the rug.

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