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Buying a Rug

A Rug can change the vibe of the interior and tie a room together visually and make it more comfortable. But you can already tell that buying a new Oriental hand-knotted rug is a big investment. Before you spend huge cash for a new one, you will need to consider for what purpose you want it and you will have to plan about the space that the rug will be placed.

buy a rug

How should I choose a product?

Buying a new rug is more complicated than simply choosing one just by its cost and your budget. Your new Oriental rug will become a practical and important part of your interior design and home furnishing. Thus, choose it precisely. Let’s take a look at some of the items that can help you choose a product, faster and more compatible to your needs

Sense of Style

Choosing a product by your personal taste is the first step. You are going to live with it, and if you are going to spend money on expensive Persian or Oriental one, you might be living with it for a long time. In order to make it easy for you, while you want to choose the style, think about if your taste is traditional, transitional or contemporary.

Cleaning and Taking Care

High quality Persian rugs need to be cleaned regularly and properly. If an Oriental one is not cleaned at least once or twice a year, it will lose its elegance and color brightness. Thus, always consider a specific time for cleaning the rug the cleaning program.

The Space and Room

It is obvious that you have different type of rooms in your apartment or home. Thus, before choosing a new Oriental one, think of what room you want to use the product for, such as living room, children’s room and etc.

Your Lifestyle

It is important to know that every lifestyle is not suitable for every product. You should consider your life conditions, such as having a pet or children and the free time for cleaning the product as important factors in choosing your Oriental rug.


One of the reasons most people buy Persian rugs is their softness and feeling of coziness when walking around with bare feet. Be sure to choose a comfortable woven one with high quality material for your sensation.


It is recommended to measure diameters of your room or wall which you’re going to place your new Oriental rug, in or on it. Covering all the floor with Oriental products is not visually quite great and neither a small one for a big floor is.

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