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History of Rugs

People who use rugs in their interior design and flooring, are mostly curious about the history of the rugs. Thus it is obvious you would be interested in the history of rugs which you want to use for your flooring. You will be informed about it in this section and we assure you that knowing the origin of a product which you want to use for your daily life, is quite important. Thus read this part with precision and improve your knowledge about the history of rugs.

You could have questions such as, “Where is the cultural origin of rugs” or “Why did humans make rugs” or etc. The list bellow will briefly answer most of your questions in this basis.

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Ancient Cultural Rugs

Ancient Cultural Rugs

As you know, when humans stared to evolve, they chose to live in caves instead of jungles and deserts. But the problem was that they couldn’t tolerate the cold and the harsh floor of the nature. Thus they found a way to wove some natural elements like grass and reeds to make the ground tolerable for them. This type of rug was the first human hand made one in our history. As the time went on, humans used more efficient materials such as wool and wove better rugs to provide more comfortable and warmer grounds.

Europe and Modern Production

Ancient Cultural Rugs

Persian traders started to spread the art across the Europe, and most of the continents approved and welcomed the art. Spaniards were the main Europeans who produced hand-knotted rugs and their production were mostly used by royalties. Nowadays, as you can see our lives are becoming more mechanized. Thus mechanized weaving techniques are common in our world. Modern techniques are using cheaper elements such as synthetic fibers, in order to make them more affordable for casual usage. The manufacturing high pace gave the world the ability of producing hundred types of rugs in different shapes, styles and sizes. It is important to mention that hand-woven ones are still praised for their artistic value and are being sold in large quantities and expensive values.

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