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Oriental and Persian Rugs Trade-in

Aria Rug presents different types of oriental rugs from around the world. Price for these rugs are varied from the most affordable ones to very expensive ones. The price for Persian rugs can be a bit higher compared to the other products due to its exclusive aesthetic appearance and durable quality. These products are long lasting and they will not lose their elegance and beauty if maintained properly. However, they could be damaged due to some conditions.

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Important Parameters in Rugs

One of the most damaging elements for the product can be water and persistent moisture. It is common to clean the product with the water but prolong exposure to water will surely damage the product. Another element which can be very destructive for Persian rugs is the presence of insects such as moths and carpet beetles. But this damage can be prevented with regular vacuuming and cleaning of the product. Also, oriental rugs which you choose to use for crowded areas can blur out after years of utilization. Antique floorings can be softening over time when exposed to intense light but you should not worry a lot about it. Due to their materials and high quality, these products will not fade dramatically.

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