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Standard Rug Sizes

Rugs are an aesthetic and elegant product that comes in different sizes, textures, patterns and materials. Regardless of their sizes, Persian Rugs add the perfect finishing touch and taste to any room in homes. With suitable placement, these products are practical as well as beautiful and can delineate specific living areas. An oriental rug can be a perfect focal point and add a splash of color or a touch of warmth.

Persian Rugs vary in sizes according to the needs of a space. Whether the customers’ style is contemporary or classic, natural or bold, a well-chosen product will allow the room to have a real personality. However, if the customer’s rug size is too small or too large, it will not complement the place as well as it could. Thus, it is essential to know about rugs’ standard sizes and the best areas to suit them well.

First and Simple Tips for Rug Sizes

Choosing the correct size of a Persian rug seems like a tricky process. It is not simply about filling the space. There is aesthetic and stylistic consideration that play an essential role. These considerations include the amount of the product that should extend beyond the furniture, defining the rug and skirting gap, and placing the carpet below the chairs and tables. It can all seem that choosing a part for sizes can be very hard, but it is simpler than most people think. Before choosing the rug, it is better to consider for what purpose the carpet is needed. People may want to use mats to draw together some furniture items and create separate seating spaces, and others want to keep their feet warm on chilly floorings.

Persian Rugs that are hand-knotted come with many functions, and for finding the right size, it is good to know what the product is going to do. The following essential tip is to have a complete set of measurements from the room or section and the containing furniture. Another piece of information is to afford a bedsheet and place it in the rug’s area shortly. These are easy ways to see if the demanding product is going to suit the place and furniture. The standard rug sizes are vary from 2.6×4.6 to 10×14 meters. The next thing to know is which rug sizes are best for a particular room of the house.

Living Room Rug Sizes

A living room is an area that will not look right without a rug. If the living room is large, it is better to use multiply products for the site. More than any room, choosing the right size for this area is essential. A good product works well both for appearance and creating different focus parts. It can add comfort and warmth and is very functional for absorbing sound and creating acoustic characteristics. It is good to mention that living rooms are flexible areas for different rug sizes, and it is possible to make space section and distinct socializing space. However, the most efficient size for the site is 30 to 46 centimeters border, and it is possible to choose a smaller one for smaller living rooms.

Dining Room Rug Sizes

An aesthetic area rug for the center of the dining room can create a timeless look. The product should harmonize the table size. However, there is a rule in choosing a carpet for the area. The first rule is that the furniture must fit thoroughly onto the carpet. The second rule is that the rug should have the same shape as the table. Thirdly, the additional furniture which is in a dining room should be off the carpet. The best way to choose the product for the area is by measuring the existing furniture dimension. The standard gap between the floor covering and chairs are between 0.5 to 1 meter around the edges. For rectangular tables, it is best to have a 4×6 or 5×7 or 5×8 or 6×9 meter rug. On the other hand, for round tables, it is better to have a 2-, 2.5-, or 3-meter diameter round rug. There is another shape of the oval table, and this type requires mats with 2.6×4.6 or 8×10 meter of dimensions.

Bedroom Rug Sizes

When it comes to choosing a Persian rug for the bedroom, it is good to put comfort in priority. The essential thing is to create a soft and lovely feeling beneath the feet. If the carpet projects about 61 centimeters from the bed, it can give plenty of foot comfort. The rug’s size for the bedroom area depends on the type of bed in the area. Kings size beds require more oversized rugs. The standard size for large beds is 3×5 meter. If the customer needs a pair of carpets for the area, it is better to have two products with 2×3 meter of dimension. For a queen-size bed, it is better to have an 2.6×4.6 or 3×5 meter rug. On the other hand, for twin beds, the most efficient rug size is 5×7 meter which should share between the beds to create a cozy sleeping zone in the room.

In the end, it is essential not to forget that the best rug size will be the one that will suit the taste of the homeowner and will harmonize the room at its best.

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