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Kilim vs Carpet

Difference Between Kilim and Carpet

When choosing between kilim and carpet for the interior, it is essential to differentiate their characteristics and properties to buy the suitable one for the room. Kilim and carpet are products that have oriental and middle eastern origins. However, kilim rugs refer to pileless textile produced with one of the

Persian Rug Authentic

How Can You Tell If a Persian Rug Is Authentic?

Persian rugs are not only a product for flooring and wall covering but are considered as pieces of valuable art which can have extreme role in intensifying aesthetics of the interior. An authentic Persian rugs which are the most popular type of oriental rugs is a treasured possession. These super

Differences Between Rugs and Carpets

What are the Differences Between Rugs and Carpets?

Rugs and Carpets are both artistic products which have been utilized to intensify the beauty of an interior in human civilization history. Both describe a thick piece of cloth which is woven from natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, jute or synthetic materials that are often utilized for decorating