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Tag: kilim rugs

Kilim Handmade Rugs

What Makes a Kilim Different from other Handmade Rugs?

Kilim rugs are one of the traditional Persian and Oriental rugs classifications which can be used for floor and wall covering. The word ‘Kilim’ is Turkish originated and refers to products with no pile textile. The pile of the rug term describes the surface of the flooring product and defines

Kilim vs Carpet

Difference Between Kilim and Carpet

When choosing between kilim and carpet for the interior, it is essential to differentiate their characteristics and properties to buy the suitable one for the room. Kilim and carpet are products that have oriental and middle eastern origins. However, kilim rugs refer to pileless textile produced with one of the

Kilim Rugs

Why Kilim Rugs are so Expensive?

Kilim Rugs are traditional interior products that feature beautiful styles and patterns resulting in aesthetic enhancement of the rooms. Most homeowners that want to buy floor covering products for their homes cannot decide to use kilim rugs or traditional carpets. At first, it isn’t apparent which can be more suitable