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Tag: Persian Rug

Persian Rug Design

How to Interpret a Persian Rug Design

Carpet weaving and creating is an essential part of Persian Culture. A Persian rug is undoubtedly one of the prominent symbols that demonstrates the Persian identity. Hand-made carpets are recognized and well known due to their distinct design, which reflects the ancient style and nomadic tradition of this country. Every

Persian Rug's Colors

Hidden Meanings in Oriental and Persian Rug’s Colors

Oriental and Persian rugs come with various symbols, designs, patterns, and, most importantly, colors, making them endearing works of art. Looking at an authentic Oriental rug makes everyone feel delighted. Collectors appreciate these pieces of art worldwide and seek to find the original hand-knotted Persian rugs for their collections. As

Hand-knotted Persian Rug

How to Know if your Persian Rug is Hand-knotted?

Whether it is traditional or contemporary, every interior design requires functional and aesthetic products in addition to general furniture. The floorings and walls can feature various materials and colors for a better appearance. However, they won’t provide a warm area without suitable coverings and will feel significantly cold for the

Machine-made and Hand-made Oriental Rugs

Difference Between Machine-made and Hand-made Oriental Rugs

Nothing can make a house interior more heartwarming than valuable and beautiful products that complement the overall design. Machine-made and hand-made oriental rugs are one of the interior elements that can easily enhance aesthetics. They instantly add light and character to the room while lending heft to space. Persian and

Trendy Oriental Rugs 2021

Trendy Oriental Rugs in 2021

Trendy Oriental rugs are products that interior designers and homeowners utilize to give their home a unique appearance and character. Using Persian and Oriental rugs or carpets regardless of their type by terms of size or region will create an elegant look. In addition, it will allow occupants to enjoy

Interior Design with Persian and Oriental Rugs

Enhance Your Interior Design with Persian and Oriental Rugs

Persian and Oriental rugs play a significant role in the overall design of the home’s interior. Their functionality in creating aesthetics for the room is because they can do wonders for a portion and involve simple work other than rolling out the product. Additional to Persian and Oriental rugs beauty,

rug sizes

Decorating Interior with Standard Rug Sizes

Standard Rug sizes can amplify the aesthetics of any home’s interior. Choosing a Persian rug for decorating the room may seem simple at first glance. However, there is much more than what a human eye sees when selecting a perfect size for these beautiful products. They must fit the furniture

Persian Kilim

Everything You Need to Know About Persian Kilim Rugs

Persian Kilim Rugs are among the most popular rug classes in oriental products that homeowners tend to purchase for their interior design applications. Choosing the ideal area rug is a confusing and challenging process due to the absence of a one-size-fits-all approach to decorating the interior. Many customers come across

Buying Persian Rugs

Best Guide for Buying Persian Rugs

Buying Persian rugs is a serious investment and a big decision to make due to the artistic appearance and the historical value they possess in their creation. The industry of Persian rugs is confusing and overwhelming to many customers. Thus, it is essential to increase the knowledge and the information

Persian Rug Valuable

How do I know if my Persian Rug is Valuable?

Knowing if a Persian Rug is Valuable or not is an essential article to cover due to the machine-made products that are widely available in the market. The quality of hand-knotted rugs can not be compared to carpets created with modern technologies and devices. If your Persian rug is valuable