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durable Persian rugs

Buying Durable Rugs or Carpets for your House

Persian and Oriental Rugs offer attractive additions to traditional and modern interior designs with their powerful artistry, excellent craft, and historical value. However, when buying durable rugs or carpets for the home, choosing the perfect interior design can be challenging. This daunting task will be so much easier with some

Transitional Persian Rugs

How To Use Transitional Persian Rugs?

Transitional Persian Rugs are elegant and valuable products that designers use to blend modern and traditional designs for aesthetic enhancement. Conventional Persian rugs have always been popular among collectors and homeowners due to their versatility, wide array of styles, price points, and the ability to bring together the most ambitious

Persian Rugs and Turkish Rugs

Difference Between Persian Rugs and Turkish Rugs

Persian and Turkish Rugs are both handmade products that compliment beauty and art. They are considered valuable, and they can live through generations without losing their value. However, they are other Oriental countries that produce high-quality carpets for the world. All of the hand-knotted rugs are perfect products for enhancing

Standard Rug Sizes

Standard Rug Sizes

Rugs are an aesthetic and elegant product that comes in different sizes, textures, patterns and materials. Regardless of their sizes, Persian Rugs add the perfect finishing touch and taste to any room in homes. With suitable placement, these products are practical as well as beautiful and can delineate specific living

Making a Persian Rug

Steps of Making a Persian Rug (Part 2)

Persian rugs, whether made in villages or city surrounding areas, are all hand-knotted. The weaver and artisans utilize methods and techniques to create beautiful carpets for different tastes. Creating aesthetic products requires years of experience and knowledge about traditional patterns, symbols, and motifs. Knowing the weaving technique is not enough

Buying a Persian Rug

What to Consider Before Buying a Persian Rug

Persian Rugs are traditional hand-woven art pieces that are initially from Iran. Skilled artisans developed unique carpets and rugs from the beginning of the civilization in this country. These products are beautiful interior material that is mainly created for wall and floor coverings. They can enhance the room’s harmony with

Persian rugs

Persian Rugs Designs and Types (part 2)

In part one of this article, the most common types of Persian Rugs, which include city, and tribal rugs were introduced. City rugs that are very famous for their quality and aesthetics contain Isfahan, Tabriz, Qum, Hamadan, and Nain. A brief history of Persian rugs and kilims was also introduced.

rugs price

Which Rugs are the Most Expensive?

Persian and Oriental rugs are pieces of art that are created for covering flooring or walls. Persia is the birthplace of these products. History has proven that since ancient times, this country is producing beautiful artistic rugs for people from different social classes. Persian rugs are not an ordinary interior

Repair Oriental Rug

How to Repair an Oriental Rug? (part 1)

Oriental rugs are very applicable when it comes to floor and wall covering with aesthetic characteristics. Their beauty, colors and warmth always uplift the look of the entire interior. After it is placed in a room, anybody would like to have it undamaged for a long time. However, it is

Persian rugs

What is So Special about Persian Rugs?

Persian Rugs are very popular and well known due to their artistic beauty and amazing quality. Antiquities experts and casual people have always admired hand-knotted or hand-woven rugs. However, they are specific reasons why Persian rugs and kilims are special, more likely to be used for any application and superior