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Which Rugs are the Most Expensive?

Persian and Oriental rugs are pieces of art that are created for covering flooring or walls. Persia is the birthplace of these products. History has proven that since ancient times, this country is producing beautiful artistic rugs for people from different social classes. Persian rugs are not an ordinary interior

Persian Rug Authentic

How Can You Tell If a Persian Rug Is Authentic?

Persian rugs are not only a product for flooring and wall covering but are considered as pieces of valuable art which can have extreme role in intensifying aesthetics of the interior. An authentic Persian rugs which are the most popular type of oriental rugs is a treasured possession. These super

Differences Between Rugs and Carpets

What are the Differences Between Rugs and Carpets?

Rugs and Carpets are both artistic products which have been utilized to intensify the beauty of an interior in human civilization history. Both describe a thick piece of cloth which is woven from natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, jute or synthetic materials that are often utilized for decorating

Persian rugs

What is So Special about Persian Rugs?

Persian Rugs are very popular and well known due to their artistic beauty and amazing quality. Antiquities experts and casual people have always admired hand-knotted or hand-woven rugs. However, they are specific reasons why Persian rugs and kilims are special, more likely to be used for any application and superior

Runner Rug

What is a Runner Rug?

Runner rug is the one of the most practical type of oriental rug used for many applications in interior designing. It is not being made for running on it unlike the name it has. Actually, the main reason this product is called “runner” is due to its placement which is

Determine Rug Quality

How to Determine Quality of a Rug (Part 2)

As told in How to Determine Quality of a Rug (Part 1), choosing best rug for any application and flooring for homes is an important step. In this lecture more of the factors and indicators for determining the best quality of a rug will be introduced. Techniques of Weaving Oriental

rug quality

How to Determine Quality of a Rug (Part 1)

A well-made Rug becomes an important portion of a home interior designing character instantly. Thus choosing an appropriate Rug for home is the first challenge for the customer. It is important to know the factors and indicators of defining quality of a Rug in order to buy the most approvable

oriental rugs

Types of Oriental Rugs

Nowadays, there are hundred types of rugs all over the world in different countries and regions having old types to the newest mechanized weaved ones. Oriental rugs are famous because of their characteristic style and well used material hand-knotted technique. It is considered as an art and traditional ones which

Persian rugs

What is a Rug?

Rug is a textile floor covering which is used largely for decorating and harmonizing internal elegance of housewares and so many other purposes which will be introduced. There are some differences between carpets and rugs. They are usually smaller and very much lighter than carpets. They are mostly woven with