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Washing Service

Aria Rug Washing Service

We are here to guarantee maximum satisfaction with our rug cleaning methods that combine innovative operations combined with matching old traditions. We recommend that the rug should be professionally cleaned every one to three years (depends on the nature of dirt and the tension of traffic on the rug).

You will find below 9 steps of cleaning and washing procedure of the rugs:

First of all we have special attention for delicate and antique rugs. A specialist evaluates the nature and quality of rugs. They will be pretreated for any spots or stains if necessary.

Then the dirtiest rugs will be sent to professionally deep clean by removing probable oil, grease, and stains.

Almost all kinds of rugs (antique as well as regular rugs) will be thoroughly treated by a dust centrifugal or vacuum machine in order to move out all dust inside the rug. The procedure of older and antique rugs is more gentle and softer.

The rug is handled to loosen up the soil, oil, and stains. A gently pressure-washed treatment for the top side and a high pressure-washed on the backside to push the dirt out of the rug are very common and essential.

Then it is time to shampooing and deodorizing the rug. A rotary machine or hand scrubbers with soft brushes massage the piles on the rug.

After a proper and thorough rinse, it goes into the centrifuge machine so that 90 % of the moisture will be removed out from the rug. To remove the rest, the rug is hung or laid flat on a plastic grille area to dry.

The final step is the quality control to check the colors and the whole texture of the rug. Any stubborn stain or discoloration will be fixed at this stage.

The whole procedure will be taken at least 5 days.

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