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What is a Runner Rug?

Runner rug is the one of the most practical type of oriental rug used for many applications in interior designing. It is not being made for running on it unlike the name it has. Actually, the main reason this product is called “runner” is due to its placement which is often in the areas having a lot of traffic. Runner rugs are often woven in rectangular shape like other type of rugs, however the product is designed with higher length in comparison to its width. They are unique in having long and narrow appearance in order to fit in any hallway. These rugs are often placed in specific areas to serve multiply purposes such as guiding guests to a certain area protecting the floor of the zone having high traffic and bringing beautiful texture and décor to empty spaces. The product is also very handy when it comes to giving the illusion of elongation for a particular portion.

Main Reasons of Using Runner Rugs


Runner rugs are perfect choice for enhancing aesthetic of empty and narrow spaces in every residential facility. They instantly add comfort and character to any room available in any home. Persian rugs which are produced having runner product characteristics, often have different patterns, shapes and forms which make it possible to have limitless designing ideas. Oriental rugs are perfect for BOHO-décor. For people who prefer minimal ideas, using flat weave rugs with a solid color such as grey, cream or white is recommended. Runner rugs are also very approvable for children rooms which have long length.

Flooring for High Traffic Areas

One of the most important reasons why anyone should consider having runner rug is due to their ability of protecting floorings which are exposed to high traffic. In such areas, it is common to have flooring damages from tear and wear. Having durable rug can almost prevent all of the threads from happening and will protect the flooring for all sorts of risks. These areas are also more likely to get dirty and have stains from spillage, outside dirt and shedding. Runner rug is perfect for managing such problems especially when it comes to expensive wooden floorings.

Leading to a Specific Destination

Runner rugs are very useful for leading guest to designated rooms or halls in a house. Long length of these products can trick the mind into thinking that a specific area awaits at the end of the rug. Thus for being perfect host, using this type of flooring in house can be help for guiding guests in an artistic and beautiful way. This feature makes it even more efficient for open floor plans where separate different spaces should be specified visually.

Making Classis Appearance

Persian rugs styled runners are considered as the most classic products which never lose their style even by age. Using these beautiful and traditional runner rugs will be a real showpiece when placed in an appropriate area such as foyers. No one ever got tired of their classic appearance and they bring countless years of enjoyment with them.

Best Places to Have Runner Rugs


Nowadays, using runner rugs in kitchen area has become very trendy. The most efficient way of using these products in this specific area is by placing them in between island and cabinets following by enjoying the transformation. It can also be placed in front of the sink in order to have plush feeling on feet when washing dishes. This also solves the cold feeling issue of the ground during winter and people can be very comfortable while walking or standing on the flooring without wearing extra cloths or socks.


Hallways are usually the most uneventful and boring portions of the house and they often are narrow and long corridors which lead to other areas. These areas can easily turn into one of the most aesthetic parts of the house with adding a runner rug on its flooring. It can also create visually dramatic entrance for guests. Hallways are the first and most common parts of the house which are very appropriate for usage of products.


Having runner rugs for hardwood stairs is essential. Hardwood are very expensive and luxurious; however, they can be very slippery with socks on. Rolling a runner rug down the stairs can prevent slips and falls especially for children. This does not add aesthetic features and details to the stairs but safety is sometimes in priority. With having this product on staircase, anyone can run up and down without worrying about any issues. This can also be helpful for the sound reduction of rushing or heavy footsteps.

Open Floor plans

One of the other portions that can have runner rug is open floor plans. These areas are large living rooms that are not separated by a partition or a wall. The most common open n floor is the living room and dining room. Another example is studio which is a room that is combined of kitchen, bed and living room. These areas often have lack of direction, thus using runner rug can organize the place and define the differences without any partitions.


Using runner rugs in large bedrooms is very recommended. The product can be placed on the both sides of the bed, thus no one can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Placing the product at the foot of the bed is also a great way to complement the room. This rooms must be cozy at its best, thus adding these rugs will surely increase the coziness level.

Important Factors for Choosing a Runner Rug

Material Used in Runner Rug

Considering the material of the runner rug is very important due to the applications which the product is used for. The material should definitely have durability in order to maintain its characteristics when used in high traffic areas. Wool is the perfect material for the product because it is dirt resistant due its fibers and it is springy. This means that It does not matter how many time it is walked on and it will surely go back to its original shape.

Style of The Runner Rug

Aesthetics of a room is the most important factor when it comes to designing one. When choosing a runner rug for a room, it is essential to note if the style of the product matches the vibe of the environment. For example, for a jazzy mood room, using Turkish rug is very recommended as a runner. Or using an oriental rug can give classic and traditional vibe to the room.

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