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Which Rugs are the Most Expensive?

Persian and Oriental rugs are pieces of art that are created for covering flooring or walls. Persia is the birthplace of these products. History has proven that since ancient times, this country is producing beautiful artistic rugs for people from different social classes. Persian rugs are not an ordinary interior product but are considered a high-quality work of art. Thus, they often value more than other common furnishing products.

However, they are original products, which are woven in countries such as Kazakhstan, India, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan, and are popular all over the world. In the modern era; these covering materials are created in both handmade and machine-made types. Oriental rugs are popular due to their hand-knotted piles, natural colors, fringes, and unique patterns. All of the signs and patterns that are used in a rug has its definition and are often symbols of ancient beliefs. The presence of warm and cold colors in these products change the appearance of the room and can create a special vibe for the guests and family members. Rugs do vary in size to fit in any interior design with any available space.

Hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs are obviously more expensive than machine-made ones. This is because of the endeavor and skills of the weavers that create and design these beautiful pieces. It is important to note that these valuable products need to be maintained and cleaned in proper and professional methods to prevent beauty and value loss. The most expensive rug in the world costs 4.450.000 US dollars. However, they are other expensive oriental carpets, kilims, and rugs, which are available in market. Followings are some of the most popular and expensive products in the world.

Silk Isfahan Rug

The most expensive silk product of the world is the Silk Isfahan Rug, which has 7 ft. 7inches in length and 5ft 7 inches in width. This rug was sold in 2008 for 4.450.000 dollars. Several factors contributed to this price.

This Rug has exceptionally high knot density, outstanding artisan skill, a huge amount of colors, and pure silk piles. Despite its age, the product was in perfect condition with insignificant end loss at the time of the sale.

Ziegler Mahal Rug

The second place of the most expensive oriental rug of the world goes to Ziegler Mahal from Persia, which has a sale price of 182,500 dollars. This product has unique characteristics and different factors that contributed to the high price of the rug. It is in good condition, its color pallet includes rich and popular colors such as light blue and terracotta and it has large print scale. This beauty has approximately 18 ft. 6 inches in length and 10 ft. 9 inches in width.

Ziegler Mahal Carpet

Another Rug that is considered a very expensive product is the Ziegler Mahal Carpet. The Carpet is usually larger than a rug and requires more work and effort for creation. This carpet was sold at a price of 170.500 dollars. Measuring almost 416 square feet, this product offers a generous size, attractive look, and unique soft color tones. The only reason that decreased the value of the product was the presence of holes, moth damages, and tears. Many experts believe the damage can be repaired and its glory will be restored.

The interesting part is that another Ziegler Mahal Carpet is one of the luxurious products available. This carpet was sold for 98.000 dollars at Sotheby’s auction measuring 20 ft. 6 inches in length and 17 ft. in width. This product features deep royal colors and an aesthetic floral patterned border.

Ushak Rug

The fourth most valuable rug in the world is the Ushak rug with bright colors and measuring 4 ft. 10 inches long and 3 ft. 11 inches in width. This rug is filled with symbols and was sold for 158.000 dollars. The color of the product is brick red, which is very popular in the field of rugs.

Isfahan Runner Rug

Another Persian runner rug, which was weaved in Isfahan, has a sale price of 116.000 dollars. This piece of art has 16 ft. 1-inch length and 6 ft. 11 inches width. It features a minor border which has an unusual style and a repeating pattern.

Mohtashem Kashan Carpet

This Rug is from Central Persia and is sold for 92.500 US dollars. It has highly decorative value while featuring unique color sets and designs. Mohtashem Kashan carpets are typically among the most highly graded Kashan rugs.

Feraghan Sarouk

Another flooring art, which is favored by many collectors, is Feraghan Sarouk, measuring 18 ft. 9 inches in length and 13 ft. 8 inches in width. This rug’s price tag is 74.000 dollars. It features three medallions running through its length and form a design that resembles that of an hourglass with symmetric characteristics. This product contains a special type of border style, which is called SAFAVID.

Tabriz Carpet

This carpet is originally from northwest Persia represents the traditional Mahi field patterns, and colors (Fish pattern). It was sold for 68.000 US dollars. Its length is about 26ft. 6 inches and has a width of 18 ft. 3 inches. It features a complete and repetitive elaborate pattern. The borders of the Tabriz Carpet contains turtle shell design elements that add additional value to the product.

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