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Why do We Need a Runner Rug and Where to Use it?

Runner rug is an oriental or Persian rug that is very suitable for narrow empty spaces in homes. It is a popular product among interior designers when it comes to filling extended, limited areas when elongation is required. The big reason behind the name of this product is due to its placement area that is exposed to a lot of traffic. This product is longer than it is wide and has an appearance of being narrow and long as if to fit hallways. This long rectangular rug serves multiple purposes, such as guiding guests and occupants to a particular destination, flooring protection in high traffic areas and brings texture or décor to empty spaces. At Aria Rugs, we believe that the runner rug is an essential product every house needs for better interior design. This article will help you determine why you will need this type of rug and where to use it.

Runner Rug Decorative Purpose

Utilizing runner rug for interior design is an effortless way to enhance the decoration of the narrow areas in any home. This product can easily add comfort and character to any space or room in the facility. Persian runner rugs come in different sizes, patterns, shapes and forms. Thus, the possibilities for creating new design are limitless. Beautiful oriental runner rugs are perfect for occupants who love boho décor. On the other hand, flatweave rugs are better for customers who prefer to have a minimal interior design with neutral hues such as grey, cream or white. If a family has younger members who love to run around barefoot, they can use runner rugs that feature fun and colorful characteristics

High Traffic Areas Rug

Another essential reason any homeowner must own a Persian runner rug is to place them in high traffic areas. The flooring materials can get damaged easily from tear and wear when exposed to a lot of traffic. Thus, having a durable hand-knotted runner rug in the areas such as staircases and hallways will protect the flooring from other risks. Additionally, these particular areas are more likely to get dirty from shedding, spillage and outside dirt. These products are a perfect way to manage this type of issue, primarily when expensive wood flooring exists in the house.

Runner Rug is Best to Lead Individuals to a Particular Destination

Runner rugs are the best products for leading and guiding guests towards designated areas or rooms in the house. These products’ narrow and long characteristics can trick the mind into thinking that a particular destination anticipates at the other end of the line. Thus, homeowners can utilize oriental runner rugs to guide their guests artistically and be the perfect host. This characteristic of these products makes them a must-have carpet, especially in open floor plans where visually separation of different lining spaces is required.

Places for Using a Runner Rug

Now you know the benefits of runner rugs, you may want to know the best places for efficiently utilizing them.

  • Hallways: The first and most obvious area to use runner rugs is the hallways because they are the long narrow corridors that often lead to other portions and rooms of the house. These areas are generally the most tedious and uneventful zones of the interior. However, using authentic Persian rugs makes it easy to turn these areas into an artistic and aesthetic place
  • Staircase: Having runner rugs essential for protecting staircases that are made from hardwood materials. Hardwood stairs are often expensive and luxurious. However, they can be very slippery with socks, so avoiding slips and falls is better to roll a rug down on this area. This will add aesthetic details to the site and make it safe for occupants to go up and down the steps during the day. Runner rugs can also reduce the noise of rushing or heavy footsteps while protecting the flooring from damages.
  • Kitchen: Using oriental rugs in the kitchen is becoming very trendy nowadays. Placing these beautiful products between the island and cabinets can perfectly transform the kitchen. Additionally, a homeowner can use the product in front of the sink to enjoy the plush feeling on the feet while cooking or doing the dishes. There will be no need for wearing socks and dreading the cold tiles during cold seasons.
  • Open Floor Plans: Another area in which occupants should use a runner rug is in the open floor plans. These areas are living spaces that are not separated by walls or partitions, including the kitchen, living rooms, dining rooms and study rooms. Another typical example of an open floor plan zone is studios. Due to the lack of direction in these particular portions, runner rugs can define different spaces and guide guests around. For example, in a comfortable apartment, the owner can utilize these rugs to guide visitors towards sitting or eating areas and away from sleeping rooms.

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